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Photographing weddings & portrait sessions for lovely couples in Virginia, DC, Maryland, and beyond.

We absolutely LOVE weddings! Probably because our own love story started at one. A girl who grew up in the country and a city guy born in DC, found themselves sharing a table and chatting over the reception meal at a mutual friend’s wedding. We hadn’t known each other previously, but from the lively conversation we quickly felt like best of friends.

Like we mentioned before, our love story begins at a wedding. (One that we both decided to attend at the very last minute!) After the happy couple was pronounced, “husband and wife” we found ourselves sharing a table and chatting over the reception meal. We hit it off. Even though we were total strangers we felt a deep connection. It must have been pretty apparent because our friends noticed too.


City kid, avid disc golfer (but not very good), barista, loves to cook & host and enjoys playing acoustic guitar.

During our conversation we soon discovered that we lived in two different states. Darryl lived in North Carolina and Marlene lived in Ohio (about 8 hours away from each other). Since we didn't live in the same area there wasn't an easy way to get to know each other further.
Marlene had made quite the impression on Darryl. She was witty, fun and had a great smile. He left the wedding with the thought of this special, vibrant girl he met lodged in his mind. He thought about her and chatted with his friends about what he should do.

What he didn’t know as that Marlene was feeling the same way. She enjoyed the conversation they shared at the wedding. She liked that Darryl was outgoing and easy to talk to but because of the distance, thought she wouldn’t see him again. After a whole night of contemplation he decided to give her a call. (shoutout to the friend who had her number!) As the phone rang, he wondered if he was crazy calling this girl he just met. She picked up and he told her about the impression she made on him and that he would like to get to know her more. Marlene was interested as well (phew!) and that phone call was the first of many and the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

There where many (long) trips to Ohio and North Carolina and lots of phone calls and texts as we pursued this long distance relationship. In some ways we feel like the distance was good for us since it helped us to connect on the things that really mattered. Just 9 months later we got married: during an ice storm in what was supposed to be the sunny south.

After being married for over 7 years we are here to tell you: It gets even better! As you walk through life’s ups and downs with your best friend it shapes and deepens your love in ways you can’t begin to imagine. Our story is why we love weddings. It’s the beginning of a lovely journey with the person you love the most.