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Dayspring Mennonite Church Wedding | Manassas, VA

Ashlan & Shawn


It was time for open mic, and after the recounts of the bride's childhood obsessions from her bestie and the reminiscing of good times the groom shared with his bros, a wise, older gentleman walked up to the mic. He took the mic in his hands and in humble voice he asked the couple (and the crowd) a question: "If I asked if you wanted me to give you this 20 dollar bill would you take it? What if I stepped on it? Crumpled it? Balled it up? Tore it? You would still want it because the value hasn't changed." He zeroed in on the couple and said,

"As you go into marriage and you start to see the imperfections in each other, remember that each of you has a God-given value that has not changed."

Truer words have yet to be spoken, and Ashlan and Shawn displayed such a beautiful, selfless love on their wedding day. According to those that witnessed their union these two are servants at heart and are shining examples of Christ's love for his people. It came through in their vows and with all the words of blessing that were said the common denominator was this: selfless. Ashlan and Shawn, we felt SO privileged to be a part of your wedding day. We are so excited to see you continue to be beautiful lights in marriage.

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